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Need help getting prepared for the job hunt?

Take some advice from Melissa….

Recruiters want to talk to you! But first, there are some things that you must do. In most instances, recruiters call you the job seeker to invite and schedule an interview for you. As such, it’s your responsibility to have a working phone number so they can get onto you. As a backup, also list another number other than yours where recruiters can also contact you. Recruiters may also contact you via email, so, it’s important to have an appropriate work-friendly email which you check regularly. This helps us to help you!

It pays to be prepared and as a job seeker, you should be. Recruiters enjoy interviewing candidates who are prepared and ready to hit the ground running. Part of this process involves acquiring some key documents before or while on the job-hunting market. These include:

A NIS Number – Companies are required by law to pay contributions for all their employees and as such, you having this number enables us to do so. It benefits you in times of sickness, injury, health benefit entitlements and even retirement.

A BIR Number – Companies and employees are also required to pay taxes during their period of employment and it becomes easier to do so for both you and the company with this number.

A Bank Account Number – It’s important to have an active bank account and have that number easily accessible. Most companies pay their employees via their bank account, therefore, it important to remember the little details such as the branch you would have opened the account with and whether that account is a savings account or a checking account.

Having these items ready before you are offered employment prevents you from the hustle and bustle to get them afterward.

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