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Yes Careers Limited is a customer-centric, results driven, solution finding, innovative, fun to work with entity. Everything we do is focused on the client; we’re not satisfied until you are.

To ensure our customers have the best experience, we created a network of seamless linkages across the services we provide, which positions us as a one-stop shop for Talent Development, Customer Service Transformation and Sales Enablement.

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Why Yes?

The choice of the word “Yes” is deliberate and instructive. We find a way to always say “yes” because it conjures positive thoughts, energy, actions and transference of passion to all our clients.

By saying “yes”, we’re able to craft environments conducive to new, creative and sustainable ways of doing business, and actively engage and empower all our stakeholders.

Our interpretation of the word “Careers” is rooted in sustainability. We believe that a career occurs over the course of one’s entire life - not only the working life, professional achievements and progressions.

We all grow as we progress through life. We attach this same philosophy to organisations as a whole, which are made up of the lives of various individuals.

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Reinventing The Future of The Caribbean Workforce

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Committed to excellent customer service, we're innovative and fun to work with.We seek to bring positive thought, energy, action, and transference of passion to all our clients.We deliver results!

Kenneth Corbie

Chairman / Managing Director

Corie Sheppard-Babb


Christine Corbie


Leslie Nelson, FCCA

Company Secretary

Aisha Kujifi, LLB

Legal Advisor

Carla Charles-Yee

Learning Experience Specialist

Simone R. Bowen

Recruitment Specialist

Melissa Braithwaite

Administrative Assistant

Naresha Ali

Business Operation Lead

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