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Pre-Hire Assessments

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Pre-Hire Assessments are a powerful tool to help you predict future job performance and a more informed hiring decision when it comes to selecting the right people for your organization. Testing will provide useful data-driven information about your candidate such as:
• Aptitude
• Personality fit
• Skills
• General job readiness

Benefits of Pre-Hire Assessments
• Guided hiring decision
• Tests a large pool of candidates and sorts candidates quickly
• More predictive measure of success
• Objective and standardized data on an applicant

As a testing vendor we also offer Recruitment Subscription Packages that include pre-hire assessments that allow you to receive additional data, early in the hiring process. Pre-hire Assessments can be invaluable when finding top talent in your candidate pools. Used correctly, pre-hire assessments can provide reliable insights and be a valuable part of your hiring process.

Aptitude and Behavioural Assessments

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The ability to recognize and hire the right talent is becoming even more critical now. As a hiring manager, you would want to know more than what an interview or resume may reveal. Understanding that a candidate can perform specific tasks as well as their capacity to learn – their aptitude. More so, you want to also know how they will conduct themselves with others – their behaviours.

Aptitude tests measure:
• the ability to solve problems, digest and apply information,
• learn new skills, and
• think critically.

Behavioural tests measure:
• personality type
• job suitability
• job performance
• Better ROI

Aptitude and Behavioural tests go hand in hand, giving an arsenal for making the best hiring decisions. All our test can be administered either on-line or in-person, let us give you the tools you need to get the right candidate that fits your organization.

Sales Assessment

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The Sales Assessment was constructed to provide important diagnostic insights into several dimensions associated with initiating contact for advocacy or self-promotion purposes.

• Targeted focus on contact initiation, the core competency of selling
• Innovative Dudley-Goodson LERA™ Response Format – no guessing what the candidate meant to say
• True Scale™ assessment construction based on state-of-the art psychometric science

• Measures all known types of Sales Call Reluctance
• Measures 7 call reluctance impostors
• Easy-to-read reports
• Numerous quality assurance checks to ensure compliance with instructions
• Results confirmable by direct observation
• Legal compliance

Assessments Include:

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