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“What’s the difference between a leader and a manager? We initiated an intense 4-week course to further develop and empower 36 promising employees hosted by Yes Careers. The training forced them to focus on building individual leadership styles. They discussed delegation, communication and conflict resolution. They bonded over role-playing different scenarios and connecting with co-workers they don’t usually engage. Most of all, they had fun learning!

— Ramps Logistics Limited


The training techniques we exposed our Sales and Marketing team to at Yes Careers was new and insightful, the team learnt approaches to evaluating opportunities, building relationships and adopting a strategic approach in pursuing business deals. Yes Careers facilitators had solid international references, current examples and industry specific references. Under their guidance, TCL was able to utilise key techniques learnt in the program to win back a regional customer with an annual value in excess of USD$1 million. For these reasons we unhesitatingly recommend Yes Careers.

— Trinidad Cement Limited


A large client in the manufacturing sector with regional holdings, lost a major client to competition. Yes Careers was engaged to train their Sales and Marketing team.
Applying our licenced B2B sales program RSVP Selling, participants used the techniques learnt and together, under the facilitator’s guidance embarked on an intervention strategy and won back the account shortly after the training was completed.

A company in the Technology industry was experiencing declining sales revenues, low sales productivity and a general decline in morale.
Leadership wanted to understand the gaps that existed in job fit as well as to assess the competency level of the team and their effort.
Yes Careers was engaged to do an assessment and employed the following tools to help the client.
We performed a Gap analysis with a focus on internal and external factors affecting morale within the Sales team; An independent Sales competency test; Psychometric assessments of each member of the team to determine fitness for the role and an individual Sales productivity assessment with recommendations for sustainable improvements.

A large private sector organisation in the Financial Services sector struggled with conflicts and challenges arising from a toxic work environment.

The company had been through several leadership changes without proper engagement of staff or Change management strategies. Past leaders created an Us Vs Them culture, characterised by blaming, finger-pointing, non-communication and warring factions. Staff had totally lost faith in management and a few informal leaders took control.
Yes Careers was engaged to conduct a weekend retreat with the leadership team. We designed a series of activities aimed at helping participants to relax, share, express feelings, critique, accept feedback unconditionally, play and connect with their inner selves. Team members were able to develop an understanding of how others saw them and learn what they needed to do to be a better team player.
The system of Feedback and Feed forward created a new dynamic within the leadership team and has sustained as a new way of thinking and being in the organisation.

Being aware of the resource challenges in the Insurance industry, Yes Careers launched a strategic campaign to build a database of pre-screened candidates deemed fit for the industry.
With optional free training and psychometrics as part of a pre-employment engagement, candidates are exposed to the opportunity to build communication, enhance sales competencies and work on their attitude while preparing for interviews. This campaign has successfully placed the best fit of candidates to the client’s satisfaction

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