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Inspired leaders at all levels, act with courage to connect and engage those around them, an entire business can be transformed.

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Powering Inspired Leaders™

The world’s most-taught leadership framework, SLII® teaches managers how to unleash the potential of their direct reports by leading situationally: giving the right support and right direction at the right time. This enables employees to develop faster, succeed more, and reach their full potential. It also gives managers a common leadership language.
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The Fundamental Skills for Every Manager

Use Blanchard Management Essentials to help your new managers learn the skills they need to step confidently into their new roles. Based on one of Ken Blanchard’s best-selling business books, The New One Minute Manager®, the course covers the foundational skills that generate positive communications, improve morale, and increase productivity.
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Behind Every Great Employee Is a Great Coach
The ability to coach is one of the things that separates great leaders from the rest. Coaching Essentials teaches managers the four key skills for effective coaching and provides opportunities for practice. When managers can coach effectively, their direct reports are more productive, loyal, and engaged.
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Co-create Change. Be Agile
Change initiatives are notoriously challenging. Leading People Through Change takes a unique and proven approach: It teaches a high-involvement, collaborative solution that invites all parties into the change process. This inclusive method draws on research and our 30+ years of practical experience in the field.
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The Power of Teams
Teams frequently fail to accomplish goals because of a lack of shared purpose, unclear goals and roles, and ineffective leadership. Team Leadership teaches team leaders how all teams develop and how to provide clarity, manage conflict, and build trust to break through barriers and sustain high-performance teams.
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Great Leadership Begins with Building Trust in the Workplace
Trust in the workplace is a prerequisite for success, so when it’s missing, there’s little collaboration and lots of suspicion. Building Trust teaches how to cultivate trust and repair it when it’s been compromised. Using the Elements of Trust Model, learners discover how to inspire engagement and commitment.
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Professional Development presents an opportunity to not only expand your employee’s knowledge base, but a host of other benefits such as:

Our Professional Development programme includes a suite of soft skills training aimed at developing:

Our courses are available all year round, with programs that are easily customisable for organisations looking to address unique challenges or opportunities. 

Our Partner Mr. Kenneth R. Corbie, Executive Coach is available in the line-up of Professional development options, with alternative Coaching methodologies that can be tailored according to the size and scope.

As your training partner, let us guide you to empower your team with the right skill sets and create a culture of constant development and training.

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